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Volume 1, Issue 15

November 16, 2005

Catch the marketing and business intelligence wave

By Roger Griffin, VP, Communications

MRIA's first National Business Intelligence Conference in Vancouver -- on December 1, 2005 - will play host to a diverse range of research buyers, all focused on building their marketing research and business intelligence expertise and all on the lookout for suppliers who can meet their Intelligence needs, today and in the future.

Registrants include:

  • Banks & Credit unions
  • Lottery Corporations
  • Telcos
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Pharmaceutical Cos.
  • Other major corporations

Marketing research and intelligence firms are primary service providers to the rapidly expanding Business Intelligence community. And MRIA, which is taking a leadership role in the elevation of marketing research to the level of strategic intelligence and insight, needs your help in facilitating the industry's evolution and advancement.

Attend this National Conference on business intelligence -- an interactive and futuristic forum for decision-makers, executives and practitioners. At this event, you will learn about the latest developments in Business Intelligence: how to use it strategically; how leading companies make it a key part of their activities; what tools are available; and where the industry is headed. An information-packed day and a great opportunity to network.

The Marketing Research and Intelligence Association invites you to join us for this first annual national Marketing and Business Intelligence event. Check out the details of the program at http://www.mria-arim.ca/biconference/, or call 1-888-815-7677 for further information or to register.

At the December 2nd Competitive Intelligence Workshop workshop, explore Competitive Intelligence in even more detail. This hands-on workshop will provide you with the necessary templates and tools to implement CI the day after you finish the course. With 20 years experience and over 800 studies under his belt, David Lithwick delivers a workshop that is comprehensive, practical and easy to follow. You can also save a total of $100.00 when you register for the Conference and the course. For complete details, click here.

BI Conference Early Bird and Multiple Participant Discounts are in effect until November 18 so ACT NOW - bring your clients and join the BI industry leaders...

MRIA Launches Comprehensive Suite of Member Insurance Programs

By Brendan Wycks, Executive Director

The MRIA Board of Directors is pleased to announce the launch, effective November 15, of a comprehensive portfolio of MRIA Member Insurance Programs, in co-operation with LMS Prolink, the Association's insurance broker.

"The Board is very excited about these Insurance Programs for members, not only for their exceptional value but also for the comprehensive coverage they provide. These group Insurance Programs greatly increase the value proposition for our members and, in many cases, the annual premium savings they can achieve will actually pay for their cost of membership in the Association," said MRIA President Don Mills.

MRIA is confident that these group programs will offer MRIA Corporate and Individual Members annual premium savings of 20% or more, as compared to the rates they could obtain on their own, for the same coverage, in the non-group insurance marketplace. This is particularly the case with the group Professional Liability/Errors & Omissions Insurance Program -- which provides an insurance coverage, in a flexible yet comprehensive form, that is increasingly becoming a requirement for all professional services providers in the business world.

Three of the Member Insurance Programs are available only to Corporate Research Agency and Corporate Research User Members of the Association: Professional Liability/Errors & Omissions Insurance; an Office Insurance Package; and a Group Benefits Plan (life, health, dental, etc.).

The group Home and Auto Insurance component of the Member Insurance Programs is available to all Individual Members of the Association and their immediate family members.

Watch for comprehensive information about the Member Insurance Programs in your 2006 Membership Renewal package, in future issues of Pulse and Vue, and on the MRIA web site.

For further information, click here. Or contact Derrick Leue, MRIA's Account Executive at LMS Prolink at (416) 644-7717 or 1-800-663-6828, or derrick@lms.ca; or Brendan Wycks, MRIA Executive Director, at (905) 337-3550 or bwycks@mria-arim.ca.

2006 Member Dues, Benefits, and Renewal Process: Compelling Incentives For Corporate Membership

By Ellie Sykes, VP, Membership

MRIA's 2006 membership renewal process is getting underway, with members due to receive their renewal packages in the mail in the beginning of December. The deadline for return of completed renewal forms and member dues payments, to avoid interruption of member services and benefits, is January 31, 2006.

As MRIA enters its second year, evolves in its membership structure, and strengthens its value proposition for each class of members, several new developments will be apparent at membership renewal time, as follows:

  • The Board of Directors has set the Individual, Basic Corporate Research Agency, and Corporate Research User membership dues for 2006 at $300.

Equalizing the dues for these three membership classes is designed to create a built-in, automatic incentive for Individual Members who are principals or senior employees at Research Supplier or Research User organizations not yet Corporate Members of MRIA to arrange for their companies to become a Corporate Research Agency or Corporate Research User member of the Association.  Thereby, their organizations will become eligible to take advantage, at no additional cost, of a range of member benefits available only to Corporate Research Agency and Corporate Research User members of the Association.

Significantly increasing the number of Corporate Members of MRIA, both Suppliers and Users of research, will add weight and clout to MRIA's advocacy and government relations efforts on Parliament Hill and elsewhere, and strengthen our influence when the Association speaks as the single, authoritative voice of the marketing and survey research and intelligence industry.

  • Three of the four very attractively-priced insurance coverages available under MRIA's just-launched Member Group Insurance Programs will be available only to Corporate Research Agency and Corporate Research User members of the Association: Professional Liability/Errors & Omissions Insurance; an Office Insurance Package; and a Group Benefits Plan. (The group Home and Auto Insurance Program will be available to all Individual Members of the Association and their immediate family members.)
  • Beginning with the 2006 edition of the Research Buyer's Guide, only Corporate Members of the Association will be eligible to advertise or list in this respected industry source book.
  • To make it as easy as possible for all Corporate Members of the Association to take advantage of MRIA's sliding scale discounts for multiple Individual Members from the same Corporate Member of the Association, a single 2006 membership renewal package will be sent to the Designated Voting Representative of each Corporate Member, containing all of the renewal forms for the Individual Members of MRIA with his/her organization.

To read more, click here.

Election Notice and Call For Nominations: 2006-07 MRIA National Board

This is the opportunity for all members-in-good-standing to elect their National MRIA Board representatives.

In accordance with MRIA's Bylaws, an election for the Association's 2006-07 National Board of Directors will take place by secret ballot, through regular or electronic mail, from January 9 to February 17, 2006. The new Board of Directors will take office in conjunction with the Association's Annual General Meeting on March 31, 2006 in Toronto.

The Nominating Committee is currently seeking nominations for each of the Board positions outlined on the MRIA web site, where a Board Nomination Form is also available. Each nominee's form must be (i) signed by three other members-in-good-standing of the Association who are not members of the Nominating Committee; and (ii) signed by the nominee, to indicate acceptance of the nomination. The deadline for submission of completed Nomination Forms is Friday, December 23, 2005 at 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

For further information, click here.

Nominating Committee Seeks Portfolio Chair Candidate Recommendations

The MRIA Nominating Committee is seeking recommendations of candidates, who must be members-in-good-standing, for the Association's 2006 -07 Portfolio Chair leadership positions.

Portfolio Chairs are not elected by the membership-at-large, but rather will be either (i) elected by the Board of their respective Council or Affinity Division of the Association; or (ii) appointed by the 2006-07 MRIA Board of Directors at its first meeting, having the benefit of the Nominating Committee's recommendations.

The Portfolio leaders to be elected by their respective Boards are the Chairs of the Research Agency Council, the Research User Council, the Chapter Council, the Qualitative Research Division, and the Business-to-Business Division.

The Portfolio leaders to be appointed by the MRIA Board of Directors are the Chairs of the Communications, Education, Industry & Government Relations, Membership, Publications, and Standards Committees.

Click here to view MRIA Portfolio Chair Position Descriptions and to access a Portfolio Chair Recommendation Form.

The deadline for submission of completed Portfolio Chair Recommendation Forms is Friday, February 10, 2006 at 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

For further information, contact MRIA Executive Director Brendan Wycks at (905) 337-3550 or bwycks@mria-arim.ca.

Stuart Hemerling appointed as next Editor for VUE magazine

By Nikita James Nanos, VP, Publications and President-Elect

MRIA Publications Vice President Nikita Nanos is pleased to announce the appointment of Stuart Hemerling as the new Editor-in-Chief of Vue magazine. Stuart's appointment was ratified by the MRIA National Board on September 15th, 2005 and he will assume his responsibilities starting with the January 2006 issue of the magazine.

Stuart Hemerling's official everyday title is Senior Research Consultant at Prophis Research, and is also its CEO. He founded Prophis in March 2001 to be a leading supplier of market and marketing knowledge for its clients. While it specializes in e-research solutions and consulting, it offers complete full-service services for its clients.

Stuart's extensive senior level experience in marketing, media, and advertising research and consultation comes from working at leading organizations on both research supplier and buyer sides of the research equation. He has over a decade of professional experience working on both sides of the Atlantic - in North America and Europe. He began as research consultant in 1990 in Edmonton at ACCESS Network. In the mid-1990s he took on positions at leading marketing research firms in Berlin (Forsa-Institut) and Munich (Roland Berger Forschungsinstitut). Upon returning to Canada, he held a senior analyst position at BC Lottery Corporation in Vancouver.

Stuart obtained a BA (Hon.) in 1988 and MA in 1991, specializing in research methods and communications research and an MBA in 2003 with a specialization in information systems.

Write articles for Vue Magazine
We encourage all VUE readers to submit articles, letters and ideas. Please e-mail VUE Editor Stuart Hemerling at shemerling@prophis.com, indicating the topic on which you are interested in sharing your views or experience. Submissions should be between 600 and 1,200 words in length and should focus on topics relevant to the market research and intelligence industry in Canada.

Share your expertise and knowledge... VUE is considering articles on a wide range of topics for our January edition. The article submission deadline is November 20th, 2005.

Advertising space is always filling up fast. Don't miss your opportunity and book your ad today! DEADLINES TO BOOK YOUR AD:
November 25 for the January 2006 issue
December 12 for the February 2006 issue

For more information about ad sizes, rates and how to book your ad, please visit the MRIA website.

Final Opportunity for CMRP Grandparenting: Dec. 31, 2005!

By Tracy Bowman, VP, Education

In the interests of promoting the fact that MRIA has taken ownership of the Certified Marketing Research Professional designation post-merger, and will continue to maintain, enhance, and champion the designation as a prestigious certification for industry professionals, the MRIA Board of Directors has decided to create one final window of opportunity for qualified candidates to apply to be "Grandparented" to the CMRP, subject to certain conditions. Please visit the MRIA website for details and to access the application form.

Advanced Half Day Seminars:
Based on member feedback, we are excited to offer our new line of Seminars that are intended for members who may already hold the CMRP designation, or the otherwise more advanced research and intelligence professional, as continuing education opportunities. These seminars presume familiarity with all the basic techniques of marketing research and is not intended for the beginner. We have three more of these Seminars planned:

Registration deadlines are fast approaching for upcoming courses and advanced Seminars. Register today to avoid disappointment.
Nov. 21: Marketing Research on the Internet (Ottawa, Nov. 25)
Nov. 22: Conjoint Analysis: Design, Analysis and Reporting that Leads to Better Marketing Strategy (Toronto, Nov. 28)
Nov. 23: Market Segmentation Research (Toronto, Nov. 29)
Nov. 24: Communicating Research Results with High Impact Graphs (Toronto, Nov. 30)
Book these courses now and save $50!
Nov. 17: Market Segmentation Research (Ottawa, Dec. 8)
Nov. 18: Communicating Research Results with High Impact Graphs (Ottawa, Dec. 9)
For the complete 2005-2006 Course Program,  visit the Education website.

Course is full!
Moderator Training, the basic session, in Toronto on December 5-7 is FULL. Register now for the next session to avoid disappointment. As this is an intense hands-on course to take place in a Focus Group Facility with actual recruited members of the public for you to try your hand at moderating on, we accept a maximum of 6 registrants per session. Due to feedback, we are also pleased to offer an advanced session of Moderator Training. Room in the advanced session is still available, but registration is also limited.

See the MRIA Headline News and Calendar of Events for upcoming events as soon as they're posted!

  • Atlantic
  • Ottawa
  • Québec
  • Toronto
  • Alberta
  • B2B Learning Series: November 28, 2005

    On November 28, the MRIA Business-to-Business Committee presents its latest Learning Series, "Design & Construction: Construct To Communicate" featuring speaker Ray Mount, recently retired Marketing Manager of Kawneer Company Canada Limited.

    "Construct to Communicate" will concentrate on what a manufacturer of construction-oriented products needs and expects from marketing research. The session will cover setting objectives, getting and using statistical information, the role of marketing research in the marketing plan and a summary of how marketing research is applied in the design/construction and construction-related industries.

    As the Marketing Manager for Kawneer Company Canada Limited, a leading manufacturer of architectural aluminum products for the industrial, commercial and institutional market, Ray has had extensive involvement with the marketing and sales of construction products. With over 30 years in the design and construction industry, Ray will share with us his experience as a market research user and his expectations of suppliers - how best to communicate at both levels to make sure that the most is gained from a study.

    As usual, this session will be held in the Duke of Westminster Pub on the Adelaide Street side of First Canadian Place, starting at 6:00 pm.

    This will be the final Learning Series evening with no admission charge. Attendees are responsible for their own food and beverage orders (and the Duke does like our attendees to order at least a drink and/or an appetizer - after all, if you park under First Canadian Place and bring your parking stub with you, the pub even pays for your parking).

    To register, call Branka Nikolovski at Maritz Research, 416-922-1140 extension 125, or e-mail her at branka.nikolovski@maritz.com.

    2006 Research Buyer's Guide: New Policy

    MRIA's new policy is that only Corporate Members of the Association may list in the Research Buyer's Guide, beginning with the 2006 edition. Non-Corporate Member advertisers in the 2005 version will still have access to our on-line system to make modifications to the on-line version of their listings between November 2005 and June 2006 (until the 2006 edition of the Guide is published). For complete information and deadlines, visit the MRIA website.

    For details on becoming a Corporate Member of the Association, please visit the Join MRIA section of the web site.

    Atlantic Chapter News

    Fall Breakfast on November 23 with Peter Halpin.
    Join us for the MRIA Atlantic Fall Breakfast at the Delta Barrington; spend some informal time with colleagues and benefit from our guest speaker! Breakfast starts at 7:30 a.m., speaker presents from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. sharp. Members $8, Non-Members $10. For details or to register, click here.

    Interview with Brendan Wycks
    "There shortly will be a very important piece of legislation passed in Ottawa, Bill C-37, which will empower the CRTC to establish a national Do Not Call Registry. We (MRIA) have been on top of that issue, building relationships and communicating the industry's views and concerns effectively to all of the key influencers and decision-makers in Ottawa, and we are very confident that when the Bill is passed later this year it will be very favourable to our industry."

    Read the interview with Brendan Wycks on the year in review, upcoming issues, chapter involvement and more in the Atlantic Chapter Newsletter "CrossTabs".

    Ottawa Chapter News

    Join us for our next Speakers Series Event on Thursday, November 24, 2005 at the National Press Club, 165 Sparks St., Ottawa, Ontario. In his presentation entitled, Social Values Research: Tackling the Hidden Dimension, Dr. Keith Neuman from Environics will present a unique social values research model that was developed in the 1970s and is now in use in more than 20 countries around the world, including Canada and the U.S. The presentation will cover the conceptual and methodological underpinnings of the model, and how it can be effectively applied to further our understanding of both emerging social trends and client-directed research applications. For complete details and to register, please visit the Ottawa Chapter website.

    How tech-savvy are Canadian consumers and how quickly are Canadians adopting new technologies? Jeff Leiper of The Yankee Group presented the results of this year's Canadian Technologically Advanced Family Survey, a national survey covering interest in new products, technologies and services, at an MRIA Ottawa lunch presentation on Thursday, October 27. Those who missed this presentation can download it from the Ottawa Chapter website (PPT File).

    Québec Chapter News

    24 novembre 2005: Atelier de formation intitulé : DESIGN DE QUESTIONNAIRE
    Le chapitre du Québec de l'ARIM vous convie à un atelier de formation intitulé : DESIGN DE QUESTIONNAIRE. L'atelier aura lieu le 24 novembre 2005. Le nombre de places est limité. Veuillez prendre note que votre paiement doit être envoyé et reçu d'avance. Réservez maintenant !

    Journée recherche INFOPRESSE ARIM
    Le 19 octobre dernier se tenait, à Montréal, la deuxième journée recherche INFOPRESE en collaboration avec le chapitre du Québec de l,ARIM. Un événement très couru avec plus de 140 participants provenant du milieu de la recherche, du marketing et des communications. Pour plus d,informations sur le contenu de cette journée vous pouvez télécharger les présentations.

    Toronto Chapter News

    Toronto Chapter Annual Christmas Party, Dec. 7, 2005: Please join us for the annual Toronto Chapter Christmas celebration! Here is your chance to get together with your research colleagues and clients, for a fun-filled evening with prizes and a great dinner!

    Location: Remy's Restaurant, 115 Yorkville Ave. East (Just steps away from the Bay/Bloor Subway)

  • 5:30 pm - Registration,
        Hors D'Oeuvres, Cash Bar
  • 6:30 pm - Dinner
  • 9:00 pm - DJ /Dancing

  • $70.00 Members
  • $100.00 Non-Members

    Tickets include dinner, appetizers, 2 drink tickets, table wine, door prizes

    For complete details and to register, visit the Toronto Chapter website.

  • Alberta Chapter News

    November 3rd Speaker Series Event a Great Success! As part of MRIA's 2005/2006 Speaker Series, Ken Jurina discussed how internet market research has helped Epiar clients increase their lead generation and customer loyalty, reduce their operational costs, and improve partner or channel development. The event presentation is now available for viewing on the Alberta Chapter website.

    Career Opportunities

    Need a Career Change?
    Whether you are looking for qualified researchers to expand your staff, or are trying to advance your career... the right place to start your search is our Career Section: There are currently 18(!) exciting career openings available for members to view online.

    Advertisers: Place your Job Posting online.

    Please visit our website for information on PULSE sponsorship opportunities.

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