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Volume 3, Issue 18

November 9 , 2007

VoxPop – the campaign is off to a strong start

VoxPopOn October 30, MRIA’s VoxPop campaign was launched via the dissemination of results of the first in a series of 6 surveys (to read the entire release click here.)

Major thanks to our Gold Seal Corporate Agency Members who conducted the fieldwork for VoxPop Survey #1 on a pro bono basis, and are mentioned in the CP article.  In particular, a special salute to Jen Green of Blue Ocean Contact Centers and Craig Wight of Bristol Omnifacts, who quarterbacked the VoxPop Survey #1 fieldwork for us.

Six direct media interviews were handled by Alain Choiniere and Brendan Wycks; several others included radio interviews and an appearance on CTV NewsNet. To view / hear clippings go to  the VoxPop website. We have done remarkably well with VoxPop Survey Release #1, especially given that we were competing head-to-head with Finance Minister Flaherty’s economic update finessed into a mini-budget in Ottawa the same day.

A big thank you to the many people who contributed to MRIA’s communications success to date and in the days to come: Bruce Jones; Anne Marie Gabriel; Greg Jodouin; Past-Presidents Don Mills and Nik Nanos; Officers Barry Watson, John Ball, David Stark, and John Tabone; and especially Peter Rose, Betty Alexander, Michelle Magee and Terance Brouse at XPosure PR.

Net Gain 2.0 – a resounding success

"A special thanks to the over 155 people who attended the Net Gain 2.0 conference in Ottawa on November 5. The National Arts Centre was the venue of choice and what a tremendous success it was!  Allan Gregg kick started the morning talking about the challenges of online research, which was followed by a panel discussion on how these issues can be handled.  Okay, admit it, price of admission right there." Ric Hobbs, Conference Chair – and his letter will be printed in its entirety in December’s Vue. Presentations and podcasts will be made available to Attendees Only, password protected online, by Tuesday November 13 – thanks to everyone who helped make this a success – and see you next year at Net Gain 2008

2008 Fellowship Elections

MRIA’s Board of Directors have worked diligently through a meticulous review of the former PMRS Fellowship Election process and benchmarked it against the practices of other leading professions. The new process, approved by the Board in early October, retains the best aspects of the PMRS process while making a number of improvements to elevate our approach to that of a true professional Association Fellowship model. The Call For Fellowship Nominations will be issued in November, and the deadline for submissions is January 11, 2008.

For more information on the Fellowship Election, please visit the MRIA website. The Fellowship Presentation Ceremony will take place as part of the Awards Gala Evening at next year’s MRIA National Conference in Winnipeg, May 25 - 28.

Stampede by the Numbers: The Role of Market Research at The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

Join us Nov. 15 in Calgary and Nov. 21 in Edmonton when Mathew Stone, Market Research and Brand Manager, Calgary Stampede, provides us with a glimpse into the role of market research in planning, producing and staging the annual Stampede. For more information, click here. For a lineup on upcoming events, visit the Alberta Chapter website.

Toronto Chapter November Speakers Series:
VoxPop Panel discussion - Meet the industry experts, Barry Watson, Brendan Wicks and Peter Rose

Date: Monday, November 19, 2007
Place: Marriott Bloor Yorkville, 90 Bloor St. East Toronto

For more information, please click here.

Learning Series Event: B2B SEGMENTATION 2.01

Monday, November 12 @6:00PM
The Duke of Kent Pub
2315 Yonge Street, 2nd Floor

Where B2C studies are usually segmented by demographics such as age and income of respondents, B2B studies can be segmented many different ways: geographic, size of respondent company, which of the sponsor’s products the  respondent company uses, respondent’s corporate title – even ethnic affiliation .  Which of the many approaches will give the client company the most useful look at the study’s findings?

Sue Ince, CMRP, President of Epic Consulting will discuss these approaches, including the caveats you may encounter when adapting designs developed in other countries for use in Canada.  Sue holds a BSc in Social Sciences with Combined Honours: Economics & Politics and Statistics, from the University of Southampton in England.  She has extensive experience in quantitative and qualitative research, and has designed custom segmentation projects in over 30 categories.

Admission charges: $7.00 +GST for MRIA members, $10.00 +GST for non-members, pre-registered only, not at the door.

For complete details and to register, click here.

For: Upcoming Qualitative Conference Entitled:
Exploding Paradigms: Rethinking Traditional Approaches and Patterns

Friday, February 22nd, 2008 in Toronto.  

This year, the QRD sets out to stretch the boundaries of our industry to dig deep into the current challenges that we as, recruiters, research buyers and suppliers, are faced with on an ongoing basis. The goal is not only to expose and discuss these challenges but also to look at them from a different perspective. By shedding new light on traditional ways of doing, borrowing from different areas and questioning innovation, we will be Exploding Paradigms to provide meaningful, thought-provoking insights. The deadline for applications is December 12th, 2007. More information on this event as it is organized, will be available on MRIA’s website.

63rd AAPOR (American Association for Public Opinion Research) conference, May 15-18, 2008
The conference will bring together almost a thousand of the country's leading public opinion research scientists to discuss and analyze the latest research on public opinion and survey methodology, theory, and results.

This year's conference is being held in the fascinating City of New Orleans -- a fitting location given the theme of the Conference: "Polls for the Public Good ".  The city will provide an important case study for conference sessions and speakers who will focus on the ways in which public opinion research since Hurricane Katrina has -- and can continue to be -- used "...for the public good".

Plus, of course, New Orleans provides a setting for the AAPOR conference that is unique in the United States -- with the French Quarter, Jackson Square, Mississippi River, and historical sights all within walking distance of the conference hotel.

Call for Presentations will be available in October 2007. Registration begins February 1, 2008. For details, visit the AAPOR website.

Mark your Calendars
B2B Segmentation 2.01 - November 12
Qualitative Conference - February 22
MRIA National Conference in Winnipeg - May 25 - 28, 2008

2007 Research Buyer’s Guide


Online version – web statistics for October 2007: 4,316 page views, an average of 47 visits per day, 227 visit more than once. To search, click here. To get listed, click here.

2008 Ad Pricing Now Available Online!

Share your expertise and knowledge... VUE is considering articles on a wide range of topics for our January 2008 issue. The article submission deadline is November 20, 2007.

Nov. 26 for the Jan. 2008 issue

For more information about ad sizes, rates and how to book your ad, please visit the MRIA website.


Last chance to register for this course:

Registration deadline: Nov. 12
Questionnaire Design
Instructor: Jordan A. Levitin, CMRP
Course date: November 20 Toronto

Registration deadline: Nov. 14
Qualitative Marketing Research
Instructor: Tim Mills, CMRP
Course date: November 22 in Vancouver

Registration deadline: Nov. 15
Getting Beneath the Surface in Qualitative Research
Instructor: Tim Mills, CMRP
Course date: November 23 in Vancouver

Benefit from the Early Bird Discount for these courses:

Early Bird deadline: Nov. 8
Market Segmentation Research
Instructor: Chuck Chakrapani, CMRP
Course date: December 6 in Edmonton

Early Bird deadline: Nov. 9
Communicating Research Results with High Impact Graphs
Instructor: Chuck Chakrapani, CMRP
Course date: December 7 in Vancouver

Click here for the complete course calendar.

For more information on the MRIA School of Marketing Research Certificate Program leading to the Certified Marketing Research Professional (CMRP) designation, click here.

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