“Panels are people?”

Since Kees de Jong’s ‘Panels are People’ speech at the first Panel Conference in 2005 things have changed. Or not? Does the industry value the respondent as a critical partner or merely as an object, to be milked for data at our disposal?

In his presentation Kees will elaborate on his vision on how we should deal with our industry’s main source. He will touch upon quality discussions, survey engagement, technological solutions, industry politics and reciprocity. He will share his vision on solutions to keep people interested to participate in research on their terms, for now and in the future.

Kees de Jong

CEO, Survey Sampling International

Kees de Jong is Chief Executive Officer of Survey Sampling International (SSI). Named CEO in 2009, Mr. de Jong has led SSI in expanding its global position as the premier provider of online and offline sampling solutions.

Prior to his current role, Mr. de Jong was SSI’s Director of Globalization. Before taking on his global position, he served as Managing Director, Europe.

Mr. de Jong began his relationship with SSI in 2005 when the company acquired Bloomerce Access panels. He founded Bloomerce in 2001, building it into Europe’s first community-based online panel company. Other businesses he co-founded include BBI Group Holding Company, GDCC Call Center, Blauw Research and Admilot Consultancy Services.

Mr. de Jong co-founded Research Voice, an interactive site dedicated to improving the respondent experience. He also was Chairman of ESOMAR's first panel research conference and co-created the ESOMAR Codes and Guidelines on access panels.

Mr. De Jong studied Business Administration at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He also attended the MIT (USA) Executive Program Masters Classes in Entrepreneurship.

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