The Latest Innovations in 'We'search

‘Me’ research insists researchers must only ask me about me; my hopes, beliefs, what I would buy/not buy. The problem is we are unreliable witnesses to our own motivations; we don’t know why we do what we do and are poor predictors of our own behaviour. However, we are exceptionally good at noticing and copying what others are doing. Learn about BrainJuicer’s ‘We’ research, that uses mass-anthropology, mass-prediction, mass-ethnography and co-creation for greater accuracy and insight.

Ari Popper

President, BrainJuicer® North America

Ari is a highly experienced and respected marketing consultant who has worked closely with some of the world's greatest brands. Ari has been a trusted advisor for CEOs and CMOs world-wide including Robert Redford and his Sundance brand. Armed with a graduate degree in Psychology, Ari began his career as a Marketing Analyst at The Limited Inc and then moved to the agency side in 1999 to join Millward Brown.

An expert on branding, marketing communications and new product innovation, Ari has been leading BrainJuicer North America since 2006 where he has helped to reinvent the market research industry by successfully bringing to the US market some of the most innovative and game changing research solutions available.

Ari is a frequent speaker at conferences and industry events and has been on industry panels at the American Marketing Association, Advertising Research Foundation, CASRO and the Institute for International Research, and was the Chairman of the ESOMAR Innovate conference in Copenhagen in 2008. He enjoys watching and playing soccer and spending time in the California sunshine with his wife, daughter and three pets.

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