Barry Davis, CMRP

Associate Vice President, Leger Marketing


Cellular Only Households vs. Landlines: Are there Attitudinal Differences?

Do people in cell phone only households differ attitudinally from those with landlines? Do they spend more at restaurants, travel more often, or shop at malls? When faced with the choice, do those in cell phone only households tend to shop for quality, convenience or price? Answers to these questions and others will be shared in this presentation of Leger Marketing’s ground breaking research which compares the attitudes and preferences of cell phone only households to those with landlines. Demographic differences between these groups will also be discussed, as well as how to control for these differences

Barry Davis, CMRP

Associate Vice President Leger Marketing

Barry Davis is an Associate Vice President for Leger Marketing’s Edmonton office, with 14 years of experience creating marketing research solutions for clients.

His clientele spans a broad range of industries including public sector, financial services, retail, energy and utilities, transportation, and entertainment/culture.

Prior to embarking on his research career, he completed an MBA in Marketing at McMaster University and more recently achieved Certified Marketing Research Professional (CMRP) status. Barry is a frequent speaker on research topics and case studies at industry conferences and post-secondary institutions. For the past few years he has been involved as a Director for the MRIA Alberta Chapter Board in the role of communications.


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